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Precision, quality and experience – these are our trademarks in the metal cutting sector. As specialists in CNC turning and milling, we transform your ideas into first-class metal parts. Trust in our know-how for tailor-made solutions!




So that everything runs smoothly!

Our company is an established metal cutting company specializing in precision manufacturing through turning and milling. Our primary goal is to build and maintain a solid and trusting relationship with our customers. To achieve this, we attach great importance to continuous communication and close exchange with you.

We have a 5-axis CNC milling machine, a 3-axis CNC lathe and a 2-axis CNC lathe, which enables us to perform a wide range of machining tasks precisely and efficiently.

We pride ourselves on consistently meeting our delivery deadlines. This is a crucial aspect of working with us as we understand how important a smooth supply chain is to your business. Our on-time deliveries allow you to maintain your own production processes without interruptions.

In addition, we subject each and every part manufactured to a comprehensive quality control process. We use precise measurement techniques to ensure that the parts manufactured meet the highest quality standards. This guarantees you the certainty that our contract manufacturing solutions will meet your demanding requirements. You can rely on us to scrupulously monitor the quality of your parts and ensure that they meet the agreed specifications.

Overall, we strive to deliver high-quality metal parts to you on time and reliably. Our many years of experience and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction make us a reliable partner in metal machining.


DMG Ecomill 70

5-axis milling machine


X-axis travel: 750mm
Y-axis travel: 600 mm
Z-axis travel: 520 mm


Speed = max. 12,000 min/-1, rapid traverse = 24 m/min

32 tool stations

DMG Ecomill 70



The components we manufacture are of unrivalled quality. Precision, durability and absolute reliability are the cornerstones of our production. We ensure that every single component meets our strict quality standards so that you always receive first-class results.

The Team


Our dedicated team of experienced employees is at your side to professionally implement your individual requirements and projects


Wagrienring 12-14,

23730 Sierksdorf

+49 172 51 00 715

Thanks for getting in touch!

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